Another 2 weeks down… how is time going so fast!!

So, weeks 3 & 4 have been just as busy and productive as weeks 1 & 2…

In a nutshell we have:

– Poured the concrete to form the foundations of the extension

– Built the brick work for the extension up to damp proof course level

– Fitted the internal waste pipes for the drainage of the bathrooms and kitchen

– Blocked up some of the walls inside

– Put in the majority of the steel

– Taken down the whole back of the house to the ground floor level

– And finally… last thing on Friday we laid the new concrete slab floor downstairs!!

I am pretty sure that the above list is everything and that I haven’t missed anything off, but my memory is garbage, so it is possible!!

Either way, it is crazy when I look at it all in a list like that… and I think all of that it’s pretty damn good going for 2 weeks work!!

I can’t believe how quickly it’s all happening… EEEEK!! 

In my last blog I said that I would share with you our time schedule of all of the work we are doing and our estimated break down of costs.

So instead of dwelling too much about the build this week, I thought that I would do that instead.

However if you do just want an update on the renovation , then you can follow the full story over on my vlog here.

So here we go… below is everything that we are ‘ESTIMATING’ in terms of time and cost.

I say estimating because as I am sure you already know, as much as you plan these things, things do go wrong and budgets are most definitely ‘fluid’ shall we say!!


In total we are estimating that the build will take around 18/19 weeks and below is a break down of our time plan…

Weeks 1 & 2 (the strip out)

1. Make electrics safe

2. Remove old plumbing and create temporary water feed

3. Knock down rear utility room and chimney

4. Knock off plaster throughout the property

5. Take down 1st floor ceiling completely and all of the boarding from the other ceilings

6. Dig new footings for extension

7. Install and move drainage

8. Install new concrete footings

Weeks 3-4-5-6

1. Install steelwork

2. Start brickwork for extension

3. Install new attic floor

4. Lay new insulated slab

5. Block up openings downstairs

6. Build extension brickwork

7. Build new block wall off steel beam on 1st floor

Week 7-8-9-10

1. Complete extension brickwork

2. Fit new flat roof to extension using a warm roof system

3. Install new roof lantern

4. Install windows and doors

5. Build new stud work for bathroom and bedroom layouts

Week 11-12-13-14

1. 1st fix electrics

2. 1st fix plumbing

3. Insulate all walls and ceilings

4. Complete plastering

5. Complete bathroom tiling

6. Fit bathrooms

7. 2nd fix joinery – doors, skirting, architrave

Week 15-16-17-18-19

1. Decorating

2. 2nd fix Electrics

3. Fit kitchen

4. Lay all flooring

So there you have it, our schedule… or fingers crossed!!

We have however decided to do the build in January… that was stupid.

(As I am writing this we are actually having a snow day because it is just far too cold and snowy to be laying any bricks today!!)

We really couldn’t have picked a worse time of year for the weather, so to be honest, I am expecting some delays…

However, if all goes well, then we started on Jan 15th, which means we would be due to be complete mid-end May!!

I am being realistic though and to be perfectly honest I would just really like to be in for my birthday in June.

That would be absolutely epic… I keep picturing us being sat at the kitchen island on my birthday having a Mr Gin… or two… or three!!

Pretty please your fingers crossed for us!!

Anyway, on to the more interesting part (in my opinion)… the dreaded budget!!


We are estimating the build of the house is going to cost just over £110,000. That doesn’t include the garage/ car port or any landscaping.

Thinking about spending that amount of money does make me feel a bit sick… but it (hopefully) will be absolutely worth it!!

I have broken down the budget below… it will be interesting to see how close we get once we are all done!!

General site costs – scaffolding, toilet, machinery – £1500

Skips – £3000

General Labour – £15,000

Drainage – £2000

Bricks and build materials – £7500

Brickwork – £5000

Concrete footings and slab – £1500

Steel – £2700

New rubber roof for extension – £1000

New main roof and first floor roof (inc £1300 for slate) – £4600

Doors, skirting, arcs – £1200

Joinery labour – £12,000

Bi Folding doors – £2500

Extension roof light – £1500

Windows and doors – £5000

New heating system including boiler – £4000

Bathroom fitting – £2000

Plumbing for kitchen and utility – £500

Bathroom suites – £5000

Electrics – £4500

Plastering – £5000

Decoration – £3000

Paint – £1500

Flooring – £5,000

Kitchen – £7,000

Tiling – £4,000

Fire and woodburner – £3,000

Again… don’t hold us to that.

Already 4 weeks in we have had some design ideas, that undoubtedly are going to creep up the costs (typical)!!

It is exciting though and as much as I love getting carried away with ideas, I do also like the challenge of trying to stick pretty much to the budget… so let’s see how I do!!

Anyway, loads of facts and figures today, so I will leave it there but I am really open to sharing anything. So if anyone has any questions about any of that then please just ask away!!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “THE RENOVATION: WEEKS 3 & 4

  1. Casey (@afootontheladder) says:

    Eeek you’re brave sharing this! I keep considering sharing our budget and where it is going but I’m pretty sure we’ve already blasted it out of this universe!

    For the work we are doing that is similar jobs to yours we have budgeted roughly the same so good to know at least two of us think that’s how much stuff costs! We massively overbudgeted for steel which I was surprised at! We couldn’t even get a rough idea before we had the calculations as everyone just said it could differ so much depending on what they spec, it looks like its coming in WAY under what we thought so hopefully that should make up for some of the stuff we have over spent on!

    The more time we spent at the house the more we loved it so since working out our original budget we have decided we are going to live in this one so are spending more on higher spec stuff than we would have if we were selling it on so that’s where most of the overspend is coming from.

    Do you mind me asking, is that roof cost including labour or just materials? Ours is slate and the quotes all seemed really high! x


    • athomewithgem says:


      Ha ha I will be honest, I wasn’t sure whether to share 🙈 but I thought what the hell!!!!

      It’s hard to work it all out isn’t it, especially when it’s your own home because like you said emotions start playing a bigger part and you want the best of the best (or I do anyway!!!)

      That’s amazing that you have decided to live there!! How exciting 😆 I bet your spec has changed completely!!

      The roof is including labour but it’s only for the back side of the main roof and the first floor sloping roof…. so it’s a bit less than a whole entire roof. We are hoping to try and salvage some of the slate but until it comes off we don’t know if we can. But 🤞🏼🤞🏼

      All the best with the rest of yours. I look forward to following your journey too 😊 xxxx


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